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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Elle!!

Yesterday my girl turned 4, and all day long she kept asking, "am I 4 yet?" She can't believe that she really made it to 4! Ha!

Top four reasons this girl makes my heart sing....

1. Elle is the most appreciating child, always telling me she loves the most random things!

2. Elle is so funny, particular about things and just plain funny, keeping us all laughing!

3. Elle is very helpful, she loves helping me cook, garden, she is always trying to help!

4. Elle is very loving, she would lay in my lap all day and snuggle with me!

We had the best time together planning her best-princess-party-ever, actually it was the only princess party she has ever had. Other than her first birthday party, it was actually the only real birthday party she has ever had and it was perfect according to her :) We spent the week decorating and making fun things for the party. My friend Catey came and helped me decorate, thanks Catey for your help and great ideas!  

Yesterday when she woke up Grant and I decorated her bedroom door. 
Then Grant and I hid her presents, which he thought was super fun, she had a blast finding them all!
 I think she liked finding the presents better than opening them!

Then after lunch the party started...
 As the little princesses arrived they had to follow Rapunzel's hair to find the party...
Which started at the front porch...
Through the house...
Down the stairs into the basement...

To our princess party room!
The little princesses had fun doing all kinds of princess things.
Making necklaces....
Having their nails painted, thanks Aunt Meg for all your help...
Faces painted, decorating cookies and playing princess games!
They were super cute!
Then we had cake, a Tangled Tower that was a tower of love from me, who was determined to not spend $50 on a cake from Publix, mine was cuter than theirs anyway :)
And Elle loved it which is all that really matters to me!
The cake was really yummy too, I made a giant cookie and baked it for the crust, once it cooled, I filled it with cookie dough ice cream, then it had cream cheese icing, yum!
These princesses had a blast! This is Elle with Olivia, her cousin and true BFF. It was a really fun day!
Happy Birthday Elle, We love you!!!

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