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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best Guac Ever.

Mmmmmm avocados...I love them! I love them alone with salt, in soup, on salads I just simply love them! I know they aren't the lowest calorie vegetable but I know they are packed with heart-healthy nutrients so I don't feel one bit bad about eating them!

This is a super simple, recipe that calls for nothing but fresh ingredients! Hope you love it as much as my family does!

3 small-med avocados
2 large Roma tomatoes, diced
1/4 white onion, diced
1/2 fresh jalapeno,seeds removed and  minced
handful cilantro, chopped
juice of a lime
salt to taste

Slice avocados in half, twist to open then remove the pits (and set aside you will need them later). To remove the pit, take your knife and quickly whack the pit getting the knife stuck in it, then twist and the pit will come right out!

Next make slices in the avocado while it is in the skin, then scoop out the "meat" with a spoon into a mixing bowl. Add the remaining ingredients all at once then gently stir together. Taste, if it needs a bit of salt, add it! Serve immediately. If you are taking this to a party, put the pits back into the guacamole to preserve freshness, a tip I learned from my local carniceria.
Weight Watcher Friends: This one depends on how many servings you get out of it, you can easily get 6-8 servings 3T servings out of this depending on the size on your avocados and tomatoes. With this recipe as is, I made it into 6 servings at 4 points each if you make it into 8 servings it would be 3 points each (not including any chips). In my humble opinion, this is one of those things you can feel great about eating because it is truly healthy, use your extra weekly points or your activity points and really enjoy this one!

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