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Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Week's Menu

Finally the original intent of this blog comes to fruition! When I first started this blog the point was to share my weekly menus with those who wanted some healthy recipe ideas to feed their family for the week. I am a total planner! I find that when I plan ahead for the week I am more successful in so many ways. I spend less money at the grocery store, because I know exactly what I need and what I'm going to make each night so I don't make multiple trips to the store during the week. I eat healthier because I plan healthy meals and I can plan my day and even lunches because I know what I'm going to make each night. I look at my calendar and plan accordingly, for example this week my son is in a basketball tournament on Monday and Thursday  my daughter also has dance on Monday and I teach a 4pm yoga class, there is no way I am going to be able to make a healthy dinner that night if I don't plan ahead! I had to make meals that I can make ahead of time or in the crock pot because I am not going to have much time for prepping.

I typically get the paper on Sunday mornings and while having breakfast and coffee with my family on I ask for everyone's input on what they want for dinner during the week I plan my menu and my big Sunday grocery shop. This also helps during meals times when my kids try to complain about what we are having I can remind them that they each made suggestions on Sunday so to zip their mouths up if they have something negative to say. Ha!

Now that I am working and have less time to plan and prepare meals I am feeling grateful  that I have so many recipes on this blog to pull from. This morning my daughter and I went through recipes on my blog and picked out what we wanted to eat this week.

Today I am heading to the store. I am going to buy all the ingredients we need for the week! Fingers crossed that I get it all. I am leaving my kids home with my hubby so I can focus when I am there!

Weekly Menu (Just click on the meal name and it will take you to the recipe link)

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, we are still depressed since the Falcons didn't make it so we aren't planning anything big for tonight, just a bowl of sweet southern comfort to ease our pain.

Monday: BBQ Pork in the Crock Pot
We will have these sliders with left over Brunswick stew and I will whip up some quick slaw!

Tuesday: Skillet Lasagna
We have swim lessons at 4:50pm on Tuesdays so I need something quick this busy weeknight! This is so easy, lasagna in 30 minutes...sign me up!! Sever with a quick salad for the perfect meal!

This is a total family favorite. I usually serve this with edamame in the shells my kids love those!

This is one of my favorite dinners ever! Can't wait for Thursday night!

Enjoy and have a great week!

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