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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Great Start... (Planning Ahead)

It's hard to have a bad week, health wise, when you start it out so well!! I have been a Weight Watcher member either active or lifetime for the past 10 years so I have a little bit of experience in how my weeks go. When I put too much on my plate (of life) I have a harder time making good food choices. (Figuratively and literally) However when I plan ahead, I do much better. All WW members who attend meetings know -planning ahead- is a big topic.
When I first started this blog a year ago my intention was to post my weekly menu. At the time I was on a role, <I had a rough Fall (the season) I lost my father-in-law (whom I loved dearly) and my dog (Bella, AKA, my first child) within a month it was hard times around my house. I was so busy taking care of my husband, mother-in-law and everyone else, I quit taking care of myself and gained 15 lbs from October 14 to January 25. It was not cute! On January 25 I headed back to WW where I had to start paying and start working again. But by mid March I was back to my goal weight, ahhh free again! I worked hard and planning was a huge part of it.> I digressed, like I was saying, I was on a role, menu planning and using what was on sale to plan my menus, creating healthy meals on Sunday mornings then heading out for a big grocery shop then coming home and prepping my meals which made my weeknights much easier. I was doing all this and wanted to share it others. Clearly after a year of blogging this has never happened. Maybe one day soon I can start a Sunday post that has the week of recipes.

Well this weekend my husband is on a ski trip with his buddies and having a blast! I am at home with the kids and far more organized than I usually am, not sure how it is happening with me running this ship solo. But I tell you my kids have been fed, bathed and in bed earlier than normal and my house is clean. I even cut the grass  weeds today.  And I did all this....
I have a giant chopped salad made (some will be for dinner tonight, the rest as I want it during the week) fruit chopped and veggies.
Chopped salad, full of all the veggies I had in the fridge! This one has three hearts of Romaine, one English cucumber, red bell pepper and grape tomatoes. Lots of yummy and healthy with 0 points!
I like to save and re-use these salsa containers to put individual servings of veggies in so I can grab and go as I need them during the week!
I know the 30 minutes I spent cleaning and chopping up all the veggies will be key to a great and healthy week for me and my kids! We have already been munching on them throughout the day. You may wonder if this is how I start all my weeks, well heck no! I wish it was however the reality of kids and life just happens and good planning doesn't always; but when I can make it happen, it's a good thing!
Cheers!! I wish you all a happy, healthy and organized week!


  1. OMG Lauren this sound like my life to a tee...I too am a lifetime member with a November cruise and the holidays I have put on around 15 and now starting back on the program, I am paying now until I get back to goal and an estimated goal of March also. Love the idea of individual containers to just grab and go and love the idea of the made ahead salad :)

  2. You can do it!!! Track, go to meetings and stay focused! You will be back to Lifetime in no time!